When Preschoolers Become High School Seniors

When Preschoolers Become High School Seniors

I was performing at Capital Prep Magnet School in Hartford, CT yesterday. I was performing for the Pre-K and Kindergarten students. They danced, sang, read the Very Hungry Caterpillar and waved goodbye to me at the end of the program. They were so sweet.

Then the high school seniors came into the library for their infographics class after our performance. They were so big compared to the little guys. And I had this realization that the little kids whom I had just performed for would look like these high school seniors one day. And the seniors were dressed so professionally with bow ties, suits and all that jazz. But some of them were goofing off. And some of them were taking their infographics course seriously.

I thought to myself “I wish I could tell all the Seniors to take their course seriously. They don’t yet understand how important learning is and how relevant everything is that they are learning in school.” It’s not just about the information. It’s about teaching one’s mind to be flexible. So you can talk with anybody in a variety of situations. To have a shared language with a potential stranger. And to form a new relationship through that information. And I am grateful that I work with the little guys. Our goal is to lay a foundation – to rehearse success – so when they become seniors they will see the relevance of school and learning.

I also performed for teenage students with special needs this evening for the town of Oyster Bay. I was able to get all of the kids to participate. One of our biggest goals is to help kids come out of their shells. Even students who are non-verbal or who have stage fright. I want them to come on stage and have a successful moment so they can experience that in front of an audience. Our goal is to build up their confidence so they can have personal and expressive freedom. Technology and DJ equipment and extraordinarily beautiful visual technology is a great aid for engaging the kids. And dancing.