From Parents, Administrators, & Organizations

“The students were totally engrossed in Mr. Matt’s fast moving performance. He touched on so many math skills as well as music and creativity. That was an excellent program. He included all of the students no matter what their levels of communication are. Lively, creative and entertaining.” -Suzanne M., Special Education Teacher

“Not only did our pre-k kids have a great time, but our teachers can’t stop raving about them either! Kids and teachers alike were engaged – laughing at jokes, singing and dancing along! We can’t wait to have them back next year!”  -Ms. Toomey, School Principal

“I truly appreciate your work and admire the way you interact with the kids. The amount of effort you put into learning the topic and making it relevant to what we were doing in class was clearly evident and impressive. My students were truly engaged and learning. I can’t wait to work with you again and I will be recommending you to everyone I can.” -Stephen G., 5th Grade Science Teacher

“Turtle Dance Music was just FANTASTIC. Tons of audience participation and performer silliness, resulting in lots of smiling and laughter (and following the performance, rave reviews from caregivers – “Best program of the summer!” confided one grandparent). They seemed to have a great rapport with the audience and they made several successful adjustments to the program ​based on the “wiggliness” of the crowd.” -Gretchen L. Durley, Children’s Librarian

“Turtle Dance Music presented a wonderful, zany and gentle program that provoked gales of laughter from the children. We had a combination of children with and without special needs and they all loved it and participated. They have a superb sense of timing and ability to read the audience. I can’t recommend them highly enough.” -Caroline Resnick, Director,  Ruth Keeler Memorial Library

“Mr. Matt of Turtle Dance Music…is like nothing you have been to before – eccentric & funny!” -Jessica L., Parent