Hardcover for Scrak’s Big Adventure

Hardcover for Scrak’s Big Adventure

Happy Thanksgiving Turtle Dance Music fans! My brother-in-law Tim Shaw (who has an autism spectrum disorder) and I wrote a children’s book together. We are so excited to announce that we have finally published hard cover copies of our book, Scrak’s Big Adventure. Pre-order your copy of the book by clicking the link in the comments below.

Normally it’s $30. If you pre-order you’ll get a $5 discount and we’ll cover the shipping. We want to share Tim’s story. Share it with someone you love this holiday season especially if you hope to see them have a better quality of life and a better situation. Thank you so much for following us on this journey.

Happy Thanksgiving. Love, Mr. Matt and the Turtle Dance Music team

Link to preorder here: https://bit.ly/2Dpbjfs