Chris Ballew from Caspar Babypants

Chris Ballew from Caspar Babypants

Chris Ballew from Caspar Babypants on Live Kids Music

Chris Ballew of Caspar Babypants was on our show today. What an incredible performer. He totally comes through digitally. I feel like a younger brother to some of these performers. I almost feel like I’m catching up with a long lost friend or a kindred spirit.

I love that Chris is beyond the fame he experienced with Presidents of The United States is America. And even with Caspar Babypants – he is starting to explore being a visual artist, living on an island off of Seattle, spending time in nature and practicing Qigong. There are so many ways to live your life and I love getting these beautiful little snapshots of these performers essence of who they are as actual people – beyond their status.

We’re all just humans. And some of us make music and art. And some of us enjoy the music and art and it helps us get by. An audience and an artist is a reciprocal relationship and a beautiful thing. Check out our interview/mini-concert up above!