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Redford Township District Library Show Today In Redford Township, Michigan

I was especially proud of this show today with the Redford Township District Library in Redford, Michigan. I did four live-streams today for Huntington Library in Long Island, Redford Township District Library in Redford Township Michigan, Killingly Public Library in Killingly CT and the Danbury Public Library in Danbury CT.


What amazes me about livestreaming is the ability to connect with new friends, family and fans around the country and the world. And we don’t have to travel anywhere. That is so huge. Sometimes I wonder if I’m the only person seeing this but then again I’m like “Great!” It took us 400 practice streams but we are finally figuring out things that work. Emoji’s are a lot of fun! I’m actually not a huge fan of emoji’s but I totally welcome them in livestream comments.

Parents are also giving us great feedback on the shows. We are getting messages that say things like,

Today’s show with Turtle Dance Music was great! My oldest’s favorite instrument was the didgeridoo and my youngest’s was the kigonki.

Our goal is to put amazing information and content out there. We want families and kids to think big. My goal is to be a silver lining to COVID. If we can inspire more people to read and take action with that information that could be a huge win. We care about people being connected to one another. We care about people coming out of their shells. We care about families having amazing and fulfilling experiences in their lives. Music is just a tool for us to provide those experiences.

Next up is learning how to green screen and DJ.

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