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Water Table

A couple of months ago – before Covid – I had no daycare available on a particular day (due to a holiday) and had to take Teddy with me to do a few shows in Albany, NY. It was stressful to say the least. But I timed it out perfectly with his naps with the drive and it went totally fine.

After the show we went to the VIA Aquarium in Schenectady, NY and Teddy could not stop playing with the water table there. He loved it. It was a series of water “mazes” where the water ran through on a wooden table and Teddy could splash freely. He was in heaven.

He had a similar experience at the Stepping Stones Museum for a Children in Norwalk, CT. He absolutely loved the section of the museum where there were contraptions that shot water everywhere and the water flowed freely down a metal table to him to play with. He LOVED it. I was so delighted as a parent to watch my son feel delighted and laughing.

But recently we moved down to Baltimore, MD. And with times being tight we are not able to swing daycare at the moment. We went to one of the few places that was still open and there was a $3000 entrance fee. We love sending Teddy to daycare to interact and play with other kids. But it might not be realistic at the moment.

So I am working on building him a few items around the house where it will be a mini-daycare in our home. My hope is that soon a few of his new friends down here in Baltimore can come over and play with some of the things we build. I hope Teddy is learning by watching me tinker and build things. Between doing virtual educational programs and setting up our livestreaming options my goal is to be an amazing father. I am grateful that I get to spend so much time with Teddy. I enjoyed being on the road with him that one day. But I really enjoy doing shows virtually and playing in our own backyard together. It’s a fathers dream come true. It’s also fun to be creative. One of my values is to always be making things. Always be scratching the creative habit.

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