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Reflections on The Mr. Tim Concert

Mr. Tim and I had loads of fun at our concert. For those who don’t have any context Tim is a music teacher and children’s musician from Canberra, Australia and I am from New York City. We did a children’s concert together Live At The Same a Time Half-Way Round The World.

We had loads of fun going back and forth with our children’s songs. I have one of Tim’s songs Squishy In My Lunch Box stuck in my head. Tim has a similar energy to me. We tried doing call and responses and singing together but the delay of the broadcast made it challenging. But! Going back and forth on songs was excellent.

We also asked each other questions about our home countries. Tim told our audience about the wildfires in Australia and that his favorite food is tacos. I told his audience that my favorite spot in New York City is Rockaway Beach and sometimes seals come up onto the shore to hang out in the winter!

We had a lot of fun with this concert and I definitely want to do more. With translation apps maybe one day we could plug one in and I could start doing concerts with musicians from non-English speaking countries! Or we could try to do a Silk Road ensemble thing like Yo-Yo Ma and nobody has to speak – we just play music! There are so many exciting opportunities in this space.

Check out our concert this week with flutist Eliza Shepherd from Melbourne, Australia. I am so excited to work with her. It is going to be totally different from our first show. Go to this link here on Thursday night at 6:30 P.M. NYC time/ Friday morning at 8:30 AM Melbourne Time!


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