We offer BIG SCREEN hybrid events for IN-PERSON AUDIENCES with a VIRTUAL PRESENTER to get your kids on their feet!


Showing Up Every Day

I miss performing for the kids at a real place. And interacting with the kids. And laughing with the kids. And seeing the kids. And dancing with the kids. But what has been remarkable is the outpouring of support from parents, librarians and teachers who love attending our virtual shows.

And it’s funny – that word seems to be sticking more than livestreaming. People seem to feel more comfortable calling them virtual performances than live-streams. I’ve done 66 so far! And I’ve worked out many do the technical glitches and upgraded my gear so I can offer this professionally.

But it is still challenging. People typing things in to a message board is not the same as looking at someone’s smile or their laughter. Or their body language. Or their facial language. And the excitement of seeing a huge crowd at one of your shows.

A librarian reached out to me the other day to ask me how I was doing? She has been watching the live-streams almost everyday. That has meant the world to me. In this time of social isolation not being with people can be the toughest thing in the world. One of my goals is to reconnect with other people and connect people with each other. I want people to feel good.

This is a tough time with everything going on. It is a serious event. People are dying. And in these times people like myself have to cheer people up. I need to keep peoples spirits up. And kids need to keep learning. They don’t know what’s going on. My son is 20 months! He still needs to learn, read and play.

When a child doesn’t get to learn or read or play that affects me. My goal is to make sure that kids keep learning. The kids have a beautiful future ahead of them and I need to keep moving them forward in that direction. I need to help people feel good and stable again. I need to perform. I need to share what I’ve learned with the world. And I’m going to make this the best possible thing I can do I can do right now.

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Turtle Dance Music brings music and fun to children all around the world. We do this by connecting the caregivers of kids (and teens and adults) who have special, sensory, social needs with engaging content that is both entertaining and educational.

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