We offer BIG SCREEN hybrid events for IN-PERSON AUDIENCES with a VIRTUAL PRESENTER to get your kids on their feet!


Notes From The Live Stream

Live streaming from my living room is challenging. First off – let’s all get on the same page – when I am performing I am generally looking at the BACK of my devices – not the screen, because if they were forward facing all the text would be backwards. Second, I am performing for a wall generally. Unless I’m lucky and Teddy sits in a show and he is laughing and dancing along. That had been a pure joy.

So we are experimenting with ways to make the show more human. Ways to make it more live. I love singing Happy Birthday shout outs to kids. If your party was cancelled for your child I would be more than happy to sing directly to your kids over the live stream. I’ll even record a video for you. This is a time for kindness, whatever you guys need send me a message and I will make it happen.

Reach Out and Read Greater New York asked me to write a song about their organization. BOOM! Done. I sang it three times yesterday on the live stream and it might become a regular part of the set. I want to promote amazing organizations. I want to keep the kids learning. We need to make incredible learning opportunities and life experiences happen during these times for the kids.

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Turtle Dance Music brings music and fun to children all around the world. We do this by connecting the caregivers of kids (and teens and adults) who have special, sensory, social needs with engaging content that is both entertaining and educational.

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