We offer BIG SCREEN hybrid events for IN-PERSON AUDIENCES with a VIRTUAL PRESENTER to get your kids on their feet!


Quarantine Live Streams

As many of you are aware there is a quarantine in effect for us possibly until the end of May 2020. So we are live streaming shows on our Turtle Dance Music Instagram and Facebook Live. I have been learning so much by live streaming. It is challenging to perform the shows without any kids there – I miss having actual children in the audience – but so far it’s working out okay and I have a few regular visitors in our live streams.

Quarantining has been challenging. But the hope is that the virus passes soon, nobody gets hurt and everybody stays healthy. That is the most important thing. I want you all to be safe. Please check in to the live stream, say hello, request a song and/or I will make up a song about your child using their name. We are going to get incredibly inventive. I will keep sharing things that I am learning about live streaming here on this blog. I didn’t realize that I would need two iPads, an iPhone and a laptop to do it all! That was one of my first lessons!

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Turtle Dance Music brings music and fun to children all around the world. We do this by connecting the caregivers of kids (and teens and adults) who have special, sensory, social needs with engaging content that is both entertaining and educational.

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