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Mr. Matt Performs For The Military Families At West Point

Every year we volunteer to perform for the military families at West Point. The kids and the parents have the best time ever. We go all out. We want to make sure that these kids have the best time ever. We even bring along our Instrument Petting Zoo. Here is what the coordinator, Jodi Gellman, had to say about the show:

“What a great way to start LifeWorks 2020 programs @ WPFH! Yesterday, Mr. Matt was at West Point to entertain our residents. We were blown away by him and his show. He was enthusiastic, high energy, silly, engaging, approachable and inclusive. The children had a blast! I was so impressed by his message and his mission to include all children in his sensory friendly approach. Mr. Matt came to volunteer his time to encourage a love of learning , music, reading and kindness.

Thank you Mr Matt Mazur!”

Their families protect our country and we want to make sure that their kids are having a good time on the base. Here are some photos from the event:

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