We offer BIG SCREEN hybrid events for IN-PERSON AUDIENCES with a VIRTUAL PRESENTER to get your kids on their feet!

  • “We are still raving to each other about your amazing program!! Not only was it entertaining but uplifting and a great way to start the day!! You went above and beyond and have a true gift!!

    “We are exploring your other program options right now as we look at your website and plan to hire you for EVERYTHING!!!

    “Bravo!! Fantastic job!!! We look forward to our upcoming gigs ahead!! Thank you so much!”

    Miss Lisa & Miss Cindi
    Billerica Public Library
  • “We absolutely loved the show so much. It was awesome. It was so interactive and perfect for this age children. They had a blast. If you have any other shows that are good for Pre K please let me know and we would love to join! Thank you so much”

    Jamie McLain
    Queens Public Library
  • “The class loved it! This was the best show! So much fun and high energy!”

    Lisa Pennock
    PS/IS 102 Queens
  • “We have been working with Turtle Dance Music since 2016. Matt’s shows are fun, entertaining, and very scalable. Groups of 20 or 200 can have a wonderful time! His shows promote neurodiversity, fun, and interactive.

    “Matt participates with the kids better than any online vendor we have seen. The kids feel included and part of the show.

    “In the end, the kids will be entertained, educated, and motivated to keep learning and growing. I highly recommend Turtle Dance Music to anyone looking for a fun and engaging way for kids to dance, sing and fall in love with learning again!”

    John Edvalson
    Albany Public Library
  • “So fun! I am still going through emails and seeing some awesome feedback. The classes loved it!” (re: an Autism Friendly Show)

    Rachel McCaulsky
    Assistant Principal
    P4 Queens
  • “Matt was SO AWESOME with my students today!! One of my groups had to go on quarantine this week, so I coordinated with Matt and he presented Songs That Count virtually to all our I-Goal students. The program was AMAZING!

    “I have seen Matt perform live, and I think that this format was actually better because of his use of technology. He engaged every student and used their suggestions / imagination to drive the show.

    “I have been getting calls from teachers (in the building and quarantined at home) who RAVED about the show!! I am going to insist that other classes at Rawson who selected Turtle Dance Music go virtual too!!”

    Meg Hayes
    Rawson STEAM School

Our mission is a simple one.

To help kids come out of their shells.

And the best way we know to do that is to get them dancing, moving, singing, laughing, learning, and connecting with each other through the magic of music.

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What does Turtle Dance Music offer?

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In-Person Events & INTERACTIVE Big Screen Shows

We now offer two types of events that your kids, staff and families will talk about for the rest of the school year! Kids and staff members will definitely say ,”Can we have Turtle Dance Music back every week?” Both our In-Person programs and our Interactive Hybrid Author visits get rave reviews and will definitely fit your budget. Our Turtle Team can travel anywhere in the world in-person or virtually. Send an e-mail to Info@TurtleDanceMusic.com for more information. 


Sensory Brain Breaks

All Ages

Give your students a sensory brain break!

Our programs can be live-streamed to computers, smartboards or projected in an auditorium and we can interact with your kids and families in real time!


Professional Development

If you’re a librarian, school administrator, teacher, or parent who’s struggling with using technology to interact with, teach, educate, or enrich the children in your charge, we can help. Our autism-friendly professional development webinars, carried out over Zoom or Teams, will give you the tools and skills you need to survive and thrive in an ever-changing virtual world!

Professional Development

If you’re a librarian, administrator, teacher, or parent who’s struggling with using technology to interact with, teach, educate, or enrich the children in your charge, we can help. Our professional development webinars, carried out over Zoom, will give you the tools and skills you need to survive and thrive in an ever-changing virtual world!


Autism-Friendly Content

We are dedicated to offering shows and content that is accessible to those on the autism spectrum with sensory and developmental issues.

Educational Programming

Our commitment to education includes shows and content focused on reading, imagination, and S.T.E.A.M. topics like space, weather, and ecosystems.

Teen & Adult Programs

In addition to younger audiences, we also offer tech education and music-based content that’s appropriate for teens and adults with special needs, including karaoke jams and music technology demos.

International Collaborations

Our “Live at the Same Time: Live Kids Music” streaming series pairs up founder Matt Mazur with talented kindie artists and performers from all over the world.

Music Videos

Our extensive library of music videos for kids on YouTube brings to life all of the favorite Turtle Dance Music songs that kids love to sing and dance to.

Turtle Dance Merch

For those who want to take a piece of Turtle Dance Music with them wherever they go, we have kid-friendly books for sale, as well as digital and streaming versions of our music albums.

About Us

Turtle Dance Music brings music and fun to children all around the world. We do this by connecting the caregivers of kids (and teens and adults) who have special, sensory, social needs with engaging content that is both entertaining and educational.

Contact Us

Mr. Matt’s Direct Line (preferred):
(973) 493-2326

Office Phone:
(410) 646-8698


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