Volunteering Rocks!

Volunteering Rocks!

At Turtle Dance Music we love to volunteer and help out people. We will be volunteering a free performance for Community Foodbank of New Jersey later this month on Sunday, April 29th. We will promote healthy eating through our kids music.

We also volunteered a free performance for a head start school in Clifton, NJ on Monday. The kids and staff absolutely loved the show. We care about improving the quality of life for every person no matter what their socioeconomic status is.

If you’re interested here is a new music video we just put about about why we love to volunteer called “I Wanna Be The Change I Wanna See”. Check out this song and volunteer in your community! Do a small act of kindness for somebody else. Pick up a piece of trash from the street and throw it in a bin it will absolutely make you feel better. Volunteer at an organization like the Community Foodbank of NJ or Habitat for Humanity. They are both wonderful organizations.

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