One of the challenges of being a new parent is being thoughtful. Thoughtful about where I place my coffee on the table so Teddy can not pull it off and spill it all over himself or the carpet (and so I can have my coffee!). Thoughtful about using my words when I am around Teddy instead of thinking about other things. Thoughtful about thinking about Teddy instead of about work when I am with him. Because when I am not with Teddy I miss him.

Being present has probably been one of my greatest mental challenges while being with my son. A lot of work goes into redirecting my thinking. I tend to have repetitive thoughts about negative events that happen during the week, I’m curious about the news so I can tend to get caught up in that or some type of logistics might bother me like getting Teddy to daycare when my wife and I have work at the same time.

Also, the tiredness is super difficult. Work and career stress can be overwhelming on top of wanting to spend quality time with my wife after Teddy has gone to bed and staying up late with her talking (my favorite) or watching a little TV. One of my new goals with her might be to find new ways where we can get to bed earlier. I also love talking about our goals instead of watching T.V.

We watched a documentary last night called Jawline about a 16-year old social media influencer and how people use and abuse him for money. The world is terrible. If you haven’t seen it take a look at it. This is the world that Teddy is entering into. We can do better than that for our children and teens. If this paragraph doesn’t make any sense take a look at the documentary. (Also, you don’t need to move to LA to be famous or even better – known for doing important work. That’s the point of the internet. You can be anywhere. And think global, act local. It truly is the only way we’re all going to move forward – I could be wrong but that boy should be able to make it in Tennessee and have the flexibility to move about freely if he wants/needs to travel).

Thoughtful is an interesting word to me. How do we direct our thoughts? What do we choose to focus on? How can we be more mindful when thinking about our day and our existence? And how can we be more thoughtful about where we want to head in the future?