Sensory-Friendly Music, Bubble and Comedy Show!

The Sensory-­Friendly Music, Bubble and Comedy Show is Turtle Dance Music’s flagship program, which has been hailed as, “fantastic,” “fun,” and “turtle­-riffic!”.

Matt at a show

Sensory-Friendly Music, Bubble and Comedy Show!

Bubbles, Comedy, and Music Technology for all kids of all abilities! The Sensory-­Friendly, Bubble and Comedy Show is Turtle Dance Music’s flagship program, ​which has been hailed as, ​“fantastic,” “fun,” and “turtle­-riffic!”

​The Sensory-Friendly Music, Bubble and and Comedy Show is a “turtle-riffic” musical experience that is designed to engage with children through songs, comedy, movement, stories, projections and interactive music technology! The show is crafted to be inclusive for all children, including children on the Autism Spectrum, and a great time for parents and caregivers! Each song in the 60-minute show is accompanied by hands-on, visual, and sensory experiences designed to help kids learn and have fun at the same time. Kids will play instruments, try out interactive music technology and dance along through the whole show!

Ages 2+

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